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The PDX Ruby Brigade group now has an irc channel.

UPDATE: #pdx.rb on

come by and say hi!

Robby On Rails, up and running again

Posted by Tue, 17 May 2005 03:55:00 GMT

So, I felt pretty stupid… ya know, deleting my blog and all… and then to find out that my backup script forPostgreSQL was calling the wrong version of pg_dump (7.3) which doesn’t work with the PostgreSQL version that this blog is running on (8.0). A simple mistake in the path to /usr/bin/pg_dump, whould have been /usr/local/pgsql-8.0/bin/pg_dump. The things that you look over…

I want to thank my lovely RSS reading program, Liferea, for keeping a nice cache file of my blog entries and all the comments on my blog to date. The only thing that I did lose was the email addresses and urls of everybody who posted a comment and filled out those fields. How am I supposed to sell all your details now? :-p

I spent the weekend, reading more of the book that I recently purchased. I am really enjoying it. I want to thank all of you who left me a list of books to check out. I will be placing some orders soon… or most likely, heading downtown to Powells Technical Books in the coming week.

I should also note that this is the first entry on my blog that has been posted through the admin interface. I like the double-pan window for previewing your entry while you’re typing it. Very nice. ;-)

"Above all, make it fun" - Dave Thomas

Posted by Sun, 08 May 2005 05:10:13 GMT

My copy of The Pragmatic Programmer showed up on the doorstep today. I started reading it and when I went to close it, I noticed that I completely missed on one of the first pages, the words written, “Above all, make it fun” – Dave Thomas, 2005

Thanks Dave for the nice personal touch!

Some tips that I have enjoyed so far…

Provide Options, Don’t Make Lame Excuses

The book goes on describing some ways of thinking about how you should discuss problems with your client, boss, etc… and gives you a few methods of figuring out all the possible responses that they could come up with. Giving someone productive options towards helping resolve an issue rather than just a reason for it… anyways, it’s a good start off to the book.

Invest Regularly in Your Knowledge Portfolio

Like most of you who came (or are going) to the Rails world, for me, diving into RubyOnRails was a decision that I made several months ago to branch out beyond my PHP, Perl, Python skill set. I was finding that the PHP work that I was doing was becoming stale. I was re-using libraries that I had built in the past, was trying to figure out ways to speed up my development work, was re-using code without duplication… but it seemed to have lost it’s novelty. I was growing old of building simple CRUD applications, was trying to build a generator for forms that worked from my postgresql databases. One day, I noticed the term ‘Rails’ in my RSS Reader. I looked, oh… Ruby, who uses that anyways? I didn’t give it much thought… a learning curve… that I didn’t feel like I had the time to invest.

Another few months ago, and I find myself reading the first ONLamp article… wow, it looks even more interesting all of a sudden. So, I give it a try…. four months later, I find myself writing a book about it.

This year, I am heavily investing into my programming career. I think that a lot of people are doing that (especially in the Rails community). What better time than now?

Take the first step:
gem install rails

I am writing a Ruby on Rails book!

Posted by Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:59:00 GMT

Okay, I was given the go-ahead by my editor to make some sort of announcement.

I have just started working on a Ruby on Rails book for your favorite publisher, O’Reilly.

...more details at eleven.

UPDATE I have started collecting your information here at

Be notified when the book is coming out!

Typo on PostgreSQL

Posted by Sun, 13 Mar 2005 20:02:00 GMT

As Typo only supported SQLite and MySQL so far, I submitted a PostgreSQL schema file for the project. This new blog is running on PostgreSQL 8.0 and Rails!

I am going to use this blog to follow my Rails-related projects..and post tips and tricks!


UPDATE Links have been updated as the original typo svn/trac is gone.

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