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Ruby on Rails hosting with Nginx

Posted by Wed, 22 Nov 2006 15:33:00 GMT

Let me just say… that our customers are awesome.

One of our favorite customers, Timothy Bennett, has posted some documentation for running Nginx on your PLANET ARGON hosting account. If you’re already playing with mongrel, lighttpd, and pound…. you might look at Nginx.

“Nginx is a proxy/load-balancer that also is able to serve static files (and is a good deal faster at it than mongrel). It’s more complicated to setup than pound, but results in a faster setup.”

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Don't Over Promise

Posted by Sun, 19 Nov 2006 02:02:00 GMT

This was from a discussion a few weeks ago on the Dialogue-Driven Development mailing list.

Bob listed five things that promotes dialogue.

  1. Active Listening
  2. Agenda Control
  3. Trust
  4. Follow-Up/Follow-Through
  5. Don’t Over Promise

“Don’t Over Promise; In business, it seems about half wait until the last minute and the other half hasn’t a clue about what’s really involved in making any sort of quality effort at something (look at the dismal record on software project performance in the CHAOS report and others). If you overpromise/underdeliver against expectations; you’ll damage both trust and future dialogue. Don’t commit to situations where there’s any doubt in your mind regarding your ability to perform. It doesn’t matter as much about capability (since we all like the challenge) as much as it does about raw capacity (in terms of time) to perform within the established timeframe.”

The list has been about as dormant as my blog has the past several weeks. I’m currently reading through King Arthur’s Round Table, by David Perkins, which focuses on different conversation styles and Dialogue: The Art of Thinking Together, by William Isaacs. I hope to share some of what I learn on my blog and with the list. :-)