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Rails Day off to a good start it seems

Posted by Sat, 04 Jun 2005 12:32:42 GMT

Despite the troll(s) in #rubyonrails who decided that Rails Day was going to go down in flames… people seem to be moving ahead just fine. According to the Rails Day blog, there are 191 users in 121 groups! (well, 190 and 120… because I only registered to test the registration when someone said it wasn’t working for them).

The guys over at Odeo have a screenshot of their base design. They’re working on a RSS/Email reading system called Nutrient.

I haven’t seen any other teams posting about their progress yet… but I’ll keep my eye out.

Trivia question for Rails Day participants

Posted by Sat, 04 Jun 2005 01:13:00 GMT

Okay Rails Day participants. I wish that I was able to participate, but all I can do is cheer you all on. (have a lot of other work to take care of… like my book)

PLANET ARGON is offering 2-3 FREE pizzas (up to $40) to the first group that can answer the following question and meets this criteria:

  • Must be working as a team… at the same location (don’t want to fatten just one person up)
  • Must be participating in the Rails Day project
  • Must be in the United States (need to make my pizza order as simple as possible with a cc, otherwise, if you can take a paypal payment to cover reimbursement for the pizzas..then anywhere would work.)

The question?

Where did the name PLANET ARGON come from?(both words were used together in something…) ... extra bonus points if you can guess why I picked it.

If you think that you have the answer, email me at (don’t post it as a comment if you want to win)

The pizza can be ordered tomorrow during the early-to-late evening as you desire.

good luck with your projects!

RMagick on Fedora Core 3

Posted by Thu, 02 Jun 2005 15:09:09 GMT

1 comment Latest by Cameron Booth Wed, 12 Jul 2006 03:52:45 GMT

For some reason or another, I couldn’t get rmagick to install with the ImageMagick packages from Fedora Core 3. I tried several different things to get it to install, and it just wasn’t finding some libraries.

So the solution? ImageMagick from source solves the problem just fine… just wish that I had a RPM to work with. I might work on one later.


tar zxvf ImageMagick.tar.gz

cd ImageMagick-6.2.3/

./configure && make && make install

gem install rmagick

In the end…

post-install.rb: installing documentation…
Successfully installed rmagick-1.8.1

Now, to inform the customers who have been waiting on this. :-)

Rails Day, t-minus...

Posted by Wed, 01 Jun 2005 22:26:00 GMT

Casey on IRC asked what some cool gems that you could all use for your Rails Day projects. As I have said before, I will not be participating.. but I am looking forward to playing with the projects that everyone is going to work on. :-)

So, let’s make a list of cool gems that people could use.

gem install rails (obvious) ;-)

What gems do you find to be cool and useful?

RubyURL-friendly library

Posted by Wed, 01 Jun 2005 22:21:00 GMT

Vincent Foley-Bourgon has just released ShortURL.

From his post:

You can install it with RubyGems:

$ gem install -r shorturl

or you can go to and download
the tar.bz2 archive.

Usage is very simple, here's a sample irb session:

>> require "rubygems" 
=> true 
>> require "shorturl" 
=> false 
>> ShortURL.shorten("") 
=> "" 
>> ShortURL.shorten("", :tinyurl) 
=> "" 

On that note, RubyURL is almost at 1,000 unique URLs!

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